Welcome to the New World

Year 2076. The world is being rebuilt after a war and from its rubbles rises a new order - UTG - United Terran Government, unifying the whole globe and setting a new, common goal for the mankind. Thanks to the advancements in robotics, nanotechnology and bioengineering, the society reached a higher level of existence - over 94% of citizens of the Earth use enhanced prosthetics or is permanently connected to the global network thanks to telecommunication implants. The implants are a product of Providers - constantly competing with each other megacorporations that supply, install and update various implants in exchange for life-long subscription. In a world without borders they decide what's good or evil, and the one which is above competition is always right. Welcome to the future, where the worth of a human life is equivalent to an average monthly salary and where corporate espionage is the new form of war. Have you picked your Provider yet?


Coma is a 2D action-adventure Metroidvania game set in a cyberpunk world, inspired by the classics of the genre. Play as a member of an elite squad on a payroll of one of the Megacorporations. Explore the depths of your own consciousness in search for the meaning of existence, uncover the real motives of your employers. Customize your character using various active and passive implants that modify your playstyle, acquire new combat abilities and upgrade those already owned, all to traverse complex levels of a futuristic world and to defeat armed forces of competing corporations - the ordinary work day in a megacorp.

Platform - Windows (depending on the budget also Mac, Linux, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch)
Number of players - 1 (depending on the budget, 2-player local & online co-op)


Abilities and upgrades - when exploring, the player will gain access to new abilities helping them both in combat and in traversing the level, allowing them to reach previously closed or inaccessible paths.

Character customization - thanks to a comprehensive cybernetic implant system players can modify the character to suit their playstyle - add speed, improve defenses, add healing ability and many more.

Multiple characters - the player will be able to select one of a few playable characters. Each character is visually distinctive, uses different weapons and abilities making the experience of playing each of them unique and fitting different playstyles.

The World

Exploration - players will visit many visually distinctive areas, each with its unique set of enemies.

Hub zone - each zone will be accessible from a hub zone, where the players can restock their supplies, meet NPCs or take on additional sidequests.

Cyberspace - during hacking the characters will be "transported" to the cyberspace, and will be represented by a powerful avatar with a new set of abilities, where they will face new enemies - manifestations of firewalls, tracking subroutines and attack programs.


Versatility - players will be able to resolve each conflict in multiple ways - direct combat, hacking enemy defenses or stealth.

Mobility - using various basic and advanced controls, like dashing or wall jumping, players will be able to react to each enemy attack accordingly or exploit their weaknesses.

Weapon customization - Like the characters themselves, their weapons can be equipped with various attachments that modify the parameters like fire rate, recoil or accuracy.

Cyberwarfare - one of the main aspects of the combat will be hacking, allowing players to disorient enemies, take over their defenses or deal damage, all depending on their abilities and equipped implants.


Enemy variety - the player will face a range of different enemies. From simple automated turrets, through combat drones, cybernetically enhanced mercenaries, to powerful exoskeletons, power armors and big tank-like combat machines.

Bosses - players will be able to approach each boss in multiple ways - direct combat, using the environment against the boss or exploiting their weaknesses, like destroying targeting subsystems, rendering their attacks ineffective.


Storytelling - we want to put emphasis on a meaningful story presented to the player in form of a dialogue system when interacting with various NPCs, but also through the environment itself.

Dialogue system - depending on which character the player chooses, the NPCs will have different attitude to them, offering different responses or even completely new dialogues, making each play-through a unique experience.

Art & Tech

Environment - every environment in Coma will be a blend of traditional hand-drawn art and in-engine lighting effects, each with its own atmosphere - from high-class districts to dirty, overcrowded slums.

Animation - we are able to bring each character to life with a high level of detail thanks to Spine animation system and its various tools like Inverse Kinematics, Mesh Deformation and more.

Dialogue System - thanks to the versatility of the dialogue plugin we're using, we are able to build extensive dialogue trees, making interactions with NPCs dynamic thanks to multiple conditions, like completed quests or attitude to the player's character. We also have the ability to add voice-over, even at a later date, depending on the budget.

Co-op Multiplayer

We're designing Coma with co-op in mind, both offline and online. We don't want it to be just an afterthought, but a full-fledged system where abilities of two characters can synergize and complement each other, giving players an array of possible combinations depending on used implants and selected characters.

Our Team

Artur Madela

Lead Programmer. A code ninja with the power to turn designers' gibberish into a usable code.

Krzysztof Bareła

Project Lead, co-funder of Light Echo. Has a fabled and mystical ability to understand legalese. Clearly a wizard.

Aleksandra Radzikowska

Character Designer, Lead Artist. Her art constantly exceeds any expectations. The real MVP.

Michał Głowacki

Art Director, co-funder of Light Echo. Natural night owl, there are rumors surrounding his sightings. Legend has it that seeing him grants you three wishes.