• Mina von Vempire

    Princess Mina, the only daughter of king Morcerf and queen Beatrice, and an heir to the throne. She's quite arrogant and spoiled by her loving father. Bored with the court life she's constantly playing tricks on maids, butlers and nobility. Her most infamous achievement was adding garlic to the food at a last banquet which caused mass indigestion among the guests. Just a mere thought of her ruling over the kingdom sends shivers down the spines of the most powerful vampires and causes her tutor to wake up every night screaming.

  • Ren

    Ren is a son of the royal chef. He works in the castle as a butler and he's the only person who can properly brew the queen's favourite coffee. Seeing all the splendor and luxury vampires live in, he decided that one day he'll become the richest human in the world. He started realizing his goal by 'borrowing' the valuables of the nobility. Despite his constant nagging he is very thorough in performing his duties.

  • Yavanna

    Yavanna, commonly known as the Blue Witch, is considered the most powerful sorceress in the whole kingdom. She is the headmistress of the Department of Magic in the Royal Academy of Sciences, where for centuries she has trained many prominent adepts. She is the founder of Mages Guild, which helps king Morcerf with its many inventions. Lately she spends more and more time in her tower, where she researches golems, at least that is the official version (unofficially she is writing another volume of her romance novel - 'Gone With the Spell' under the alias of course).

  • Morcerf von Vempire

    King Morcerf rules over the land for 200 years. He's known for his kind heart and gullibility which makes him adored by the people and greatly vexes the queen. Mina is the apple of his eye which assures her in her impunity. Despite his rather forgiving nature he is the most powerful vampire in the whole kingdom and only thing that frightens him is his wife.

  • Beatrice von Vempire

    Queen Beatrice is the true ruler of the kingdom and the only person capable of frightening the king himself. Knowing too well about incorrigible optimism and gullibility of her husband, she keeps her watchful eye on him, preventing any hasty decisions. She's known for her overly lengthy rebukes addressed to the king when he's trying to do something she doesn't like (the longest one lasted over 7 hours according to court chronicles). Lately her biggest distress are Mina's antics which are getting more and more troublesome due to Morcerf's indulgence.

  • Coveras Avench

    Coveras is the captain of the royal guard and king Morcerf's friend. Among his duties are defense and keeping the order in the castle. Despite being very demanding he's highly respected by his subordinates for his fairness. For countless years he's been the king's chess partner (to this day out of 214 matches he won 203 and tied 11 of them despite king's persistent efforts at cheating). Due to princess Mina's more and more frequent attempts of sneaking out of the castle, his new favourite hobby is inventing new and more complicated ways of catching her.

  • Gruum

    It is said that the more orcs there are in the pack, the more stupid is their leader. If it's true, than Gruum has to lead a great army. Learning which end of the battle axe is supposed to be held took him three months of constant practice and two fingers. After mastering the art of holding an axe he decided that only someone with such great skills as himself is worthy of being a ruler of Vempire. No one however is able to tell how a dress and a wig is going to help him achieving that goal.

  • Gratel Urdan

    Gratel is the most skilled huntress of the Silver Brotherhood. In ancient times when the Brotherhood actually hunted vampires that would have an actual meaning. Now, when the vampires rule over the land hunters spend most of their time practicing sword fighting and archery on straw dummies and catching squirrels. However the tradition is kept to this day. Despite not being able to hunt vampires anymore, Gratel paved her way to the top with countless broken dummies and caught squirrels. Gratel's most distinctive token is her medallion depicting a cat which she wears by the belt. Young initiates claim that the medallion must be enchanted, for it's impossible for a normal person to lose it so many times.

Amazing adventure

Mina the Vampire princess needs your help! Evil witch turned all her brethren to stone. Your goal is to protect and assist the young princess in her quest to reverse the spell. Travel through the kingdom of Vempire and conquer your foes on your way to evil witch's tower. Test your wits and dexterity overcoming various environmental obstacles.

Enticing story

Learn the story of a young, inexperienced vampire princess who, facing a terrible crisis, must take the fate of an entire kingdom of Vempire in her own hands. Meet her family and friends as well as terrifying enemies she has to face. Discover the baffling truth behind the spell that sparked all the unrest.

Rich and unique world

Visit four completely unique parts of the kingdom filled with various enemies as you try to reach your goal. Find collectibles, defeat bosses, unlock new chapters of the grand adventure.

Acquire new powers

Complete each chapter to unlock new abilities! Turn into a bat or cast illusion to distract enemies. Every power has two modes which can be used differently depending on the environment. Use them wisely and remember that Mina is counting on you.