Light Echo
Based in Gdańsk, Poland

Release date:
Q1 2018

PC / Mac / Linux


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Year 2076. The world is being rebuilt after a war and from its rubbles rises a new order - UTG - United Terran Government, unifying the whole globe and setting a new, common goal for the mankind. Thanks to the advancements in robotics, nanotechnology and bioengineering, the society reached a higher level of existence - over 94% of citizens of the Earth use enhanced prosthetics or is permanently connected to the global network thanks to telecommunication implants. The implants are a product of Providers - constantly competing with each other megacorporations that supply, install and update various implants in exchange for life-long subscription. In a world without borders they decide what's good or evil, and the one which is above competition is always right. Welcome to the future, where the worth of a human life is equivalent to an average monthly salary and where corporate espionage is the new form of war. Have you picked your Provider yet?

Coma is a 2D action-adventure game set in a cyberpunk world. Play as a member of an elite squad tasked with a recovery mission and uncover the real motives of your employers along the way. Explore futuristic world, find various enhancements and implants that modify your stats, use your abilities to traverse complex levels and to defeat armed forces of competing corporations - the ordinary work day in a megacorp.


Light Echo is a small indie developer based in Gdańsk, Poland. Our team consists of long time game enthusiasts who decided to not only play games, but also to share their passion by creating them. Our first project - Final Dusk which was first released on Google Play store, and later got successfully greenlit on Steam was an excellent learning experience of how to make games, but more importantly how not to make them. This time we hope to create a game that's best suited for more mature platforms - PC and consoles.


  • Metroidvania style level design
  • Multiple, distinct playable characters
  • Fast paced melee and ranged combat
  • Various enhancements and implants impacting playstyle
  • Beautiful hand-drawn characters each with unique animations


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download all screenshots & photos as .zip (5MB)
Coma - Boss Fight 1.png
Coma - Boss Fight 2.png
Coma - Gameplay 1.png
Coma - Gameplay 2.png
Coma - Gameplay 3.png
Coma - Gameplay 4.png
Coma - Gameplay 5.png
Coma - Gameplay 6.png

download logo files as .zip (1MB)

Crowdfunding campaign
Help us make the game possible at light-echo.pl.

About Light Echo

We're a small indie dev team form Gdańsk, Poland.

More information
More information on Light Echo, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Coma Credits

Krzysztof Bareła
Business stuff & Game Designer, Founder

Michał Głowacki
Art Director, Founder

Artur Madela

Aleksandra Radzikowska
Artist, Character Designer

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